Here are some typical prices, which may vary based on complexity.  Although these prices are reasonable, keep in mind you are getting the services of a credentialed, Enrolled Agent.

Note:  Prices include (resident) Federal and one State. Non-USA resident and/or additional states will cost more.

Example 1:  Single, no dependents

You are single, you do not own a home and you worked at up to three different W-2 jobs.  You don’t have a side business, and you don’t have any dependents.  This tax prep is approximately $110.

Note:  Your taxes will be more complex and will cost slightly more if any of these are true:  If you qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit, if you have education expenses, or if you received 1099-MISC forms instead of a W-2.

Example 2:  Own a home, or have dependents

You own a home, worked at a W-2 job, and you may have dependents.  You may have a few 1099s from banks – but you don’t have a side business.  This tax prep is approximately $190.

Example 3:  Stock trades or investment statements

You (or your spouse) have a set of brokerage statements, several 1099 interest and/or dividend statements and you may own a home. This tax prep is approximately $270.

Example 4:  Running a small business from home

You and/or your spouse worked at a W-2 job and you also have a home-based business with no employees (sole proprietor on Schedule-C or rental property on Schedule-E).  You may have kids, you may own a home, you may have a few stock transactions.  This tax prep is approximately $400.

Other Tax Prep:

Corporations, Partnerships, Trusts or Estates — both Federal and State, starting at $525.

Other services like handling issues or letters you have received from any State or the IRS – I can help you and my fees will be fair and reasonable.

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