How it works

I run this business as an adjunct to my full time job at IBM.  This lends itself to great flexibility for you, since my hours are typically nights and weekends for tax preparation.  I use one of the best professional tax preparation integrated software systems money can buy, and I e-file your returns for you with the option of direct-deposit of your refund to your bank account.  This ‘extra’ is free, I do not charge for it.  I can prepare any state income taxes, multiple states — everything is integrated and e-filed together.

I am willing to work with you in a way that makes it super easy for YOU.  Remember, I value your time.

Options:  Traditional Tax Preparation

  1. We book an appointment, you come to my home office or the Poughkeepsie office – and we sit down together and get your tax preparation completed.

— OR —

  1. (Recommended for new first-time clients) We book a drop-off appointment at either office. You give me your documentation, last year’s taxes, etc.  We go over these items briefly and then I thoroughly analyze and prepare your income tax returns.
  2. Then, we meet again to review the results and for you to sign the e-file authorization page.

— OR —

  1. (Remote clients) You send me your tax information — either via mail or scan/email.
  2. I prepare your taxes and we handle signatures through email/scans — everything can easily be handled without you having to travel.
Call my cell phone anytime: 914-204-1921  — or email me using this form