Income Tax Preparation? It’s all about you.

chrisHi there.  My name is Chris, and I am the sole proprietor of this income tax preparation business.  You can click the “about Chris” link up at the top of this page if you are interested in who I am, my credentials, my background and other things about me. Reading about me is interesting…if you’re my mom. Otherwise we should really be focusing on you.

How I think about my clients:

  • You are dealing with a government entity that is cold, uncaring and in many cases, unfair.  My job is to protect your interests to the highest standard possible.
  • You work hard for your income.  You deserve the best out of your income tax preparer.
  • Your time is valuable and not to be wasted.
  • You have enough stress in your life right now.  You do not need uncertainty or risky positions taken with your taxes.  You want to sleep well at night, when it comes to taxes.
  • You deserve a tax preparer who is willing to put your needs first and who will provide personal service – and never “hand off” your taxes to office staff for completion.

Many firms try to avoid the pricing discussion, or give excuses about why they can’t address your pricing questions. There shouldn’t be any mystery about what your accountant charges to complete your taxes. Sure, there may be some variance based on complexity but you can easily see my pricing guidance by clicking the link up at the top of this page.

Call my cell phone anytime: 914-204-1921  — or email me using this form