Income Tax Preparation? It’s all about you.

Hi there.  My name is Chris, and I am the sole proprietor of this income tax preparation business.  You can click the “about Chris” link up at the top of this page if you are interested in who I am, my credentials, my background and other things about me.

I wanted to talk about you, however.

I might be a little different than other tax accountants in that I really believe that this line of work is all about you; it’s not about me at all.  Sure, you need to find a tax accountant that you can trust, that you can rely on and that will take the time to analyze and prepare your taxes to the highest degree of professionalism and accuracy possible.  That’s a basic requirement.

What about the tax preparer’s perspective about YOUR finances, though?  What motivates your tax preparer?  Does he or she really care about your finances and your income tax preparation, or do they care more about “throughput”, “revenue” or other aspects of their own business?

Here is how I view my clients and the work that I do for them:

  • You are dealing with a government entity that is cold, uncaring and in many cases, unfair.  My job is to protect your interests to the highest standard possible.
  • You work hard for your income.  You deserve the best out of your income tax preparer.
  • Your time is valuable and not to be wasted.
  • You have enough stress in your life right now.  You do not need uncertainty or risky positions taken with your taxes.  You want to sleep well at night, when it comes to taxes.
  • You deserve a tax preparer who puts himself in your shoes, who understands the complete picture regardless of whether you are a single person with one job or if you are running a corporation with employees — you deserve someone who understands the tax laws and will leave no stone unturned when preparing your taxes.

If you have a tax preparer now who hits this standard, then that’s perfect.  If you are happy with him/her and they are not raking you over the coals with fees — you ought to stick with them.  If you are uneasy about how your taxes are being handled today, or if you feel like your tax preparer is “nickel & diming” you over fees they charge — give me a call.

My promise to you is that I take your taxes seriously, I try my best to understand everything you are dealing with, and I work hard so both of us can sleep well at night knowing that your taxes have been handled correctly and completely.

Call my cell phone anytime: 914-204-1921  — or email me using this form

Don’t let Tax Time overwhelm you. Better call Chris!